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Power your event


Generators For Hire

Power Distribution For Hire


32 AMP Cable

63 AMP Cable

240 AMP Power Lock

32 AMP Breakout box

63 AMP Rubberbox db

63 AMP Work db

400 AMP Rubberbox DB

400 Amp rubber db

Cable tray

Light Distribution For Hire

led floodlights

led floodlights

led floodlights

led floodlights


Power Distribution For Sale

15 Amp Janus

32 Amp 3 Phase Cable

63 Amp 3 Phase Cable

32 Amp Breakout 12 x 15 Amp plugs

32 Amp Breakout 6 x 15 Amp plugs 6 x 16 Amp Cform plugs

Please contact us to enquire on our power distribution sales

Please visit to place and pay for your sales.

3KVA Generator For Hire

6KVA Generator For Hire

30KVA Generator For Hire

60KVA Generator For Hire

100KVA Generator For Hire

150KVA Generator For Hire